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About Austria DirectSince 1995, Austria Direct have been arranging weddings for British couples in many parts of Austria.

The idea of marrying in Austria started in the early '70s when the representatives of major tour operators began to supplement their meagre salaries by making wedding arrangements for visitors.

When the Caribbean and Florida eventually became the ‘in’ place to marry, interest in Austria, and particularly in summer weddings, waned. Once beach weddings became commonplace, couples once again turned to the romantic lakes and mountains of Austria for that ‘special’ wedding venue. Weddings in Austria are often less costly than in the UK and the advent of ‘low cost’ airlines means that guests can often fit their wedding visit into a long weekend, thus saving on precious holiday days.

It is the bride's day, so the bride should have what she wants. This has become the motto of Austria Direct, and also of those people through whom we make our arrangements.