Bregenz, on the lake Bodensee, is the place where guests enjoy the interaction of opposites. On one side Lake Constance and on the other side, the mountains. Bregenz is a small town of only 28000 citizens, yet is an internationally ranked cultural centre. This mixture, this flair, makes Vorarlberg's capital special. The city offers the best views and scenery with opportunties for hiking, cycling, swimming, boat trips, shopping, concerts, museums, galleries, etc. Gourmet restaurants in the medieval upper town combine with the "best of the rest" in the city centre, enabling guests to find the right offer for every taste. Weddings may be organised here, as well as in the many and various small neighbouring villages.

Our wedding planner, Barbara Kowalke, lives and is based in Bregenz, making the choice of venues and opportunities to organise the ideal wedding of the couple's choice so much easier. Many years of experience allow Barbara to suggest many alternatives, too varied in detail to describe, but readily supplied once the ideas of the couple are made known. This can be both a summer and winter choice for weddings,depending on altitude.

Bregenz is reached by train from either Zurich or Innsbruck and is near to the western borders of Austria with Switzerland.

Bregenz - weddings by Austria Direct
Bregenz panorama