Breitenbrunn - Höplers Winery

Hoeplers Winer, Burgenland, Austria
Weddings at Höplers Winery in Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl are a rare treat,particularly for those who enjoy the Austrian wines. The situation is a hidden gem which invites you to linger and enjoy; you would not find anything more beautiful and stunning!

On opening the door, you enter a beautiful courtyard, which enchants with its naturalness. Everywhere are fragrant rose bushes and flowering shrubs. Marriage in nature? Congratulations! You have found the perfect place. The civil wedding ceremony can take place in this courtyard.

After the ceremony take a tour with your guests through the wine rooms and smell the wines, feel and recognise the nuances which make Höplers wines so lovely.

Hoeplers Winer, Burgenland, AustriaThe following celebrations may be held in the wine warehouse "between the barrels" - an exceptional and exclusive setting for special moments! If the weather is good, then the celebrations too may be held in the same courtyard. Be served culinary delights accompanied by fine wines from the house of Höpler!

Accommodation is available in Breitenbrunn or Neusiedl-am-See is within easy reach, with a large range of accommodation of various types and grades. The area is approx.93kms from Graz airport or 115kms from Vienna.

Our wedding planners are the team of specialists headed by Silvia Konrath, who will seek to achieve the wedding day of your choice.

Bad Tatzmanndorf

Bad Tatzmanndorf, which is 90kms from Graz and 130kms from Vienna, is the place to choose if you and/or your guests have an interest in golf and to a lesser extent, in tennis.There are hotels of various grades  many of which belong to various hotel chains and offer all facilities for wedding receptions, with the ceremony being available in different locations, courtyards etc.according to the weather and the size of the group. This venue is suited more to those who just require a delightful ceremony and celebratory meal before enjoying a relaxing holiday and indulging in the sports of their choice. Silvia Konrath and her team cover all aspects of the arrangements both for the event and the days that follow. Consider following a few days in the lake area of Austria (where the influence is Hungarian) with a visit to the City of Dreams - Vienna!!

Bad TatzmanndorfBad Tatzmanndorf