KitzbuehelNow with its own local resident wedding planner, Susanne Dangl, Kitzbuehel, in the Tirol region of Austria becomes a firm favourite with couples wishing to get married in Austria and get married in the mountains.

Be it summer, winter, spring or autumn, excellent facilities, excellent hotels, guesthouses and self-catering apartments, encourage couples and their guests to make this not just a visit to attend a wedding, but an extended holiday visit also. Visitors feel at home with the local people and the beautiful scenery and, as they say in Tirol in winter, before you get to see the snow, the ice is already broken.

This 700 years old town is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Alps, with its historical town centre, exciting shopping and top quality restaurants, earning it the trademark “Best of the Alps”.

Following the wedding ceremony, many possibilities exist for both outdoor and indoor celebrating, suitable for all, from 2 persons to 200 persons – and Susanne on hand to ensure it all goes with a swing. Everything is tailor-made to individual requirements and wishes. Innsbruck, Salzburg and even Munich, airports are all within transferable distance by road or rail at all times.

Kitzbuehel in AutumnKitzbuehel Old Town