Lake Wörthersee

WorthserseeCouples considering getting married in Austria, particularly in summer, should consider Carinthia (Kärnten), the southernmost part of Austria where the wonderful Wörthersee is located. Stretching from Klagenfurt in the south to Velden in the north, this is THE place frequented by those who enjoy watersports, swimming or just soaking up the sun.

Whilst it is possible to get married on one of the lake boats, with on-board short reception to follow, the size of the craft available make them unsuitable for other than the larger groups (30 +). The gala wedding dinner would be held at a suitable hotel, possibly where the group are staying.

We recommend that a wedding be based on one of the many hotels around, or near to the lake - for example the romantic Villa Woerth, located in a park, and where couples can be married on the Villa's landing stage at the lake, with breathtaking views. The meal to follow would be on the terrace or in the romantic restaurant of the Villa. This suggestion would be suitable to any size of group - or even just the couple, with or without their two witnesses. Even a lake tour by boat may be included!

Our english speaking local wedding planner, Silvia Konrath, and her team, would make individual offers for your wedding according to your wishes and ideas ( castles,villas,restaurants etc.) and organise a day to suit you, and hopefully, your budget! All would be handled on a 'one-to-one' basis using e-mail and/or Skype.

Klagenfurt - direct, or via Vienna - is the local airport for this Region, though Salzburg, followed by a direct rail link, is an alternative.

Lake WortherseeLake Worthersee