Lower Austria

Although this is a vast region, its suitability for weddings is mainly in the Wachau Region, though other places of individual choice will always be investigated and if suitable, made available to those couples who have specifically requested them.

The choice to be made is whether to marry on dry land - usually in the offices of the local Registrar that are pleasant but formal - or on board one of the many boats that sail that stretch of the famous "Blue Danube”. For the ceremony, the boats would be at anchor - in Krems, Melk or possibly Dürnstein - and the local Registrar would come aboard to conduct the short ceremony. These ceremonies are available from Monday to Friday between 8.00.a.m. and 4.00.p.m. and on Saturdays from 10.00a.m. until 3.00.p.m.

Lower Austria WeddingsFollowing the ceremony, couples and their guests have the option of taking a short river cruise, during which the celebratory refreshments can be served, and possibly the wedding cake may be cut. Music, or musicians of your choice, would provide the on-board entertainment, and the background music for the ceremony. The cost of chartering these ships - chosen according to the size of the group - varies  in line with capacity and length of cruise time. Catering, if required, will be costed in line with requirements. But it is worth noting that for groups of 6 or less persons - including the bridal pair - it is not necessary to charter the ship, the group being treated as regular passengers, with a small fee for the use of the ship for the ceremony at anchor, before the cruise commences. A small area would be set aside and set up for the ceremony, which would then be cleared before sailing.

Photographers are happy to take their pictures on board, and may travel with the party in order to take further pictures during the cruise time.

There is no requirement for the couple to be resident for any minimal time, in the resort from which the Registrar comes, or the "port" from which the ship sails. This makes it possible for a group to be based in a small town where the accommodation costs are much cheaper than those of Krems, Melk and particularly Dürnstein, but are within a short driving distance from the points of embarkation.
Why not enjoy the best of both worlds, by staying in the Wachau Region of Lower Austria, whilst having your ceremony  aboard the ship of your choice, whilst it is anchored off the "city of dreams" Vienna, and then enjoy your celebratory cruise back to Krems, Melk or Dürnstein? By road or rail, these places are approximately one hour from the airport of Vienna Schwechat.

Silvia Konrath and her team would be your organisers  and "the hands to hold" on the "big day" of your choice.

Weddings in Lower AustriaWeddings in Lower Austria