Salzkammergut - Lake Traunsee

In each of us is hidden a romantic part, dreaming of celebrating our wedding with family and friends in a real castle, surrounded by lakes and mountains, or in the green countryside, or on top of a mountain? Your dream is easier to realize than you think.

Lake Traunsee, SalzkammergutThe Salzkammergut, Austria’s beautiful lake district, also known as „Sound of Music region“, is without a doubt one of the most romantic places to say ‚I do‘ in Europe. It is where the WEDDING SPIRIT welcomes you!

Going back in history, emperors and kings, writers and poets have been mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape and it’s not a coincidence that people lovingly named the lake Traunsee the ‚Traumsee‘ (dream lake) or lacus felix (the fortunate lake).

The incredible charm of little towns (Gmunden, Altmünster, Traunkirchen, Ebensee), surrounded by the Alps, magnificent mountaintops, picturesque churches and chapels, pristine waters and beautiful castles, villas and mansions, Lake Traunsee, Salzkammerguthidden cabins, meadows with breathtaking panoramic views, and the historic paddle steamer ‚Gisela‘, are the perfect year-round stage for your civil or religious wedding, your love ceremony or symbolic wedding, vow renewal, elopement or other celebration.

Gmunden, situated on the north side of the lake Traunsee, is a great location to get married. The Lake Castle Ort (Seeschloss Ort) has one of the most beautiful registry offices in the region, overlooking the lake and the mountains. You walk over a 403 ft long wooden bridge to arrive into the shady courtyard (max. 200 people), surrounded by arcades. Hidden inside the castle is a chapel (max. 100 people), and on the first floor the state room open its doors for your celebration. It can host up to 140 people. A vaulted wine-cellar is available for all kind of events and a top restaurant, the Orther Stuben, is awaiting you on the ground floor. Around the castle a walkway leads you to the boat landing stage on one side and on the other side to a very romantic place where you can attach your love padlock on a heartshaped fence.

Lake Traunsee, SalzkammergutIf you want to spend your wedding night in a castle, don’t miss the wedding suite at the Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith in Gmunden. Other elegant hotels, like the Hotel Schwan (Gmunden) and the Alpenhotel in Altmünster, the Symposiumhotel Post and the hotel Das Traunsee in Traunkirchen make sure that you feel pampered and taken care of. Around lake Traunsee are a lot of family owned hotels and pensions, for each taste and budget, that make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars or oldtimer bus, and limousines are great ways  to reach other picturesque towns like Traunkirchen, known for its famous Fisherman's Pulpit (carved in  1753), located in the parish church.

The Salzkammergut is not only confined to lakes but magnificent mountains, part of  the Alps, are enriching the landscape just with their presence.

Lake Traunsee, SalzkammergutEver thought of getting married on top of a mountain? It is possible… and something very unique and special. It makes you feel like being more connected to nature and at one with the universe. The Feuerkogel, most sun-blessed point in Upper Austria, invites you to enjoy an unforgettable day by taking the cable car up to the luxury mountain village at 5,249 ft altitude where a 360 degree panoramic view to the Dachstein, the lake region, and to cosy Alpine lodges awaits you.

Many other picturesque places, castles, 19th centruy villas with wooden balconies and porches, churches and lakefronts with promenades are awaiting you. No wonder that this part of the Salzkammergut was not only discovered by the Viennese aristocracy but also by the international jetset.

There are many traditions, but also time to create new traditions… Destination weddings are reflecting the authenticity of the local culture while remaining perfectly you. Each wedding is unique and we can help you to create your trip of a lifetime.

Lake Traunsee, SalzkammergutYour wedding planners Gabi Socher and Petra Bergant, friends since decades, born into loving families and raised in one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic regions, the Salzkammergut, are the top wedding planners for the whole of the region of Salzkammergut. We have been associated with Gabi, who has been planning weddings (more than 440) all over the area for more than 15 years, making her the longest established wedding planner in Austria, since we first started arranging Traunsee weddings. Petra has lived and worked most of her life as meeting, incentive, convention and event specialist in Paris and Los Angeles and recently joined forces with Gabi, by coming back to her home country.

The nearest airports are Salzburg and Linz, from where transfers are available by road or rail. The airport Munich may be used for this area, though the transfers are longer, but you can get great train fares by booking early.

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